Writing Out The Storm Workshop

As a ghostwriter of many years, I’ve assisted numerous book authors who have faced and overcome grief, despair and other challenges, in the most graceful and admirable ways. Their published works proved much more therapeutic for themselves than perhaps they ever imagined. Are they really any stronger than the next person going through a personal storm? No, but I do believe they’ve discovered a valuable key to winning in life, in that an amazing connection occurs between the heart and the mind when a person journals (writes). That connection taps into a spiritual strength that transcends them to a level far above their issues.  On that level, there is resolve without regret; there is joy unspeakable, and there is wisdom beyond measure.

Do you desire to get out of your storm? Do your goals and objectives in life require that you operate on a higher level? If your answer is yes to either of these two questions, then join us at an upcoming workshop and experts will help you!

 Love & RAWspect, Terri Eileen Liggins, aka tRAW  Masters of Jurisprudence, Health Law MBA Ghostwriter R.each A.nd W.in! 817-896-7679